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Competences-based & Educational Model
TMT offers a software solution for competences-based education models, adaptable to any educational level.
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Plan & Teach & Evaluate
TMT will equip you with the tools to plan instruction based on competences at all levels, incorporate them in the classroom and evaluate them comprehensively.
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Technology& Education
TMT provides you the tools to fully manage skills training while we provide to education centers (as universities, institutes or schools) of the technology necessary for success.
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TMT for Educational Centers & TMT for Personal Use
TMT implements two versions: version for educational institutions (universities, institutes, schools, academies, etc ...) and personal version for which teachers can organize their schedules and competences to do the evaluation of the learning outcomes.
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Features Teacher Management Tools

The ultimate tool for managing an educational model based on competences
With the creation of the EHEA (European Higher Education Area), kicked off a series of reforms necessary to make higher education Europe more compatible and comparable, as well as more competitive and attractive as regards the systems better functioning (United States and Asia). Objective of TMT: Providing the software tools necessary to plan and manage education based on competences, content and activities, as defined by the Bologna Process and the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
Learning Outcomes
In the current educational model are determined "learning outcomes" such as statements that specify what students know and are able to do as a result of a learning activity. The results are expressed in actions that students end up being able to do. With the implementation of TMT not only allows the evaluation of these results (LOA: Learning Outcomes Assessment), but also involved in the planning and execution phase. Thus we have an evaluation of learning outcomes and a complete process on which to continue shaping and recycling wherever we saw imperfections.
CBE (Competences Based Education) also need tools that work with competences like TMT. In the application, the competences are the subject that are deployed on the different tools. Through the competences management we plan the key processes to obtain the evaluation of the Learning Outcomes (planning, implementation and evaluation).
Educational Model
TMT cycle
Educational Model
With the creation of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) has emerged the concept of competences as a reference category management teaching. This new context makes it crucial to relate the competences to the concepts of learning and their assessments. Synthesis efforts must be made to facilitate and smoth the management of teaching faculty and simultaneously optimize learning outcomes. This spirit has created a model that begins and ends in the planning assessment skills, content and activities to be undertaken during teaching.
In this model competition is viewed differently depending on the stage of teaching in which we find:
  • Planning: The competition identifies with a goal.
  • Teaching Is the reference for the activity of learning.
  • Evaluation: It takes the form of learning outcome.
With TMT, this model is reflected in the detail, allowing viewing at every stage of the transformation competition.
Coherence and control
TMT is able to improve the quality of competency-based teaching since the planning, but also thanks to the transparent display of all processes that end up in the evaluation of the competencies.
latter, where the teachers can evaluate the results, observe the shortcomings and implement policies to improve education.
TMT allows competences assesssing .
This means that we can assess the same learning activity by the skills associated to it taking advantage of the main characteristic of the competences-based education .
Example: If we evaluate a learning activity as a test with the traditional model, represents the final achievement of content.
However with TMT we evaluate the test assigning a score to each of the different skills involved in learning activities, both transverse (writing, teamwork, ethical commitment, etc ...) and specific subjects. TMT does the same aggregate weighted marks that indicate expressions in order to get final results for subjects and skills.
Application details
Application details
TMT is a web application that can work in different ways:
  • As a SAAS service where servers are located in the headquarters of DSET SOLUTIONS.
  • Install in the same academic center
In either case, there is the possibility to integrate the data already available to the academic center TMT (information on curricula, students, teachers) to provide a comprehensive management of the information that teaching needs and pours.
Integrates seamessly with the most popular education apps in the market
Integrates seamessly with the most popular education apps in the market
TMT is able to integrate with existing tools of the teaching world. With both Moodle and other educational tools that focus on teacher-student relationship.
Its architecture allows them to adapt and integrate into a diverse set of educational solutions in the market. Ask about our integration experts.
TMT has the content translation tool integrated inside, which greatly facilitates the implementation and content management in multilanguage installs.
Supplementary to Moodle
Supplementary to Moodle
Moodle is an eLearning platform that has had great success in the world of education. It is very important to note that Moodle and TMT are not competitors but supplementary. The aim of both is different. Moodle works mainly in the classroom, in their own teaching. While TMT must be used before (planning) and after (analysis). For a solution we developed bridge between the two platforms so that both can be used comprehensively (transparent to the user) and without duplicating work.
Customizable reports, templates and workflows
Workflows, Templates, Reports
Customizable reports, templates and workflows
TMT allow to customize reports, which also has a powerful template engine and also allows managing multiple workflows to be followed in the planning of courses and degrees. These features, provide implementation and customization of a great power, increasing the resources and capabilities that each implementation needs.
User Roles
Functions for different roles
User Roles
TMT is a comprehensive solution that gives rise to different user roles which have their own distinct vision and take advantage of the use of the tool. (Obviously not all of them must be used) The roles are:
  • Director program
  • Teacher
  • Student
  • Quality Team
  • Management Team


As an example, the steps for implementation of institutional TMT would be following to get the best education results and make the most of TMT:
  1. Set all the skills to be achieved.
  2. Assign competencies in specific subjects
  3. Each teacher associated with their subjects. Try teaching content and activities, and related subjects are also linked to skills
  4. Monitoring on the state of planning and material grades as desired workflow
  5. Teaching. which corresponds to education TMT daily to plan and evaluate each session
  6. Evaluation. For each grade student, the teacher punctuates each competency-based assessment activities
  7. Reading. The educational departments of the school may be grouped by ability, level or whole school deficiencies and to plan for indentify education policy
How it Works?
Set up TMT is easy making these seven steps, both in the version for educational centers as the Personal TMT version.

Moodle Integration

Moodle Integration
Moodle integrates TMT and vice versa


TMT does not replace Moodle!
TMT tools are compatible with Moodle! In fact we must stress that TMT complements and integrates perfectly Moodle. Go ahead and ask a demo

Success stories

ESSADE Version: University
TMT implementation of one of the most prestigious universities of Catalonia
Tuzla University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Tuzla
Baldiri Reixac School Version: School
Implementation of EMT school of Villa Baldiri Reixac
Pontifical Catholic University of Valparaíso Version: University
TMT implantation at University Pontifical Catholic of Valparaíso
Sarajevo University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Sarajevo
East Sarajevo University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of East Sarajevo.
Mostar Sverno University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Mostar Sverno.
Mostar Dzemal University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Mostar Dzemal.
Bihac University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Bihac.
Banja Luca University Version: University
Implementation of TMT at the University of Banja Luka.

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